Microderm Facial 60 min                                                     $150

Antiaging Facial  60 min                                                      $120

Brightening Facial 60 min                                                    $120

Purifying Facial 60 min                                                        $120

Refresh Facial 30 min                                                         $60

Glow Facial 30 min                                                              $60

Clarity Facial 30 min                                                            $60

Youth Facial 30 min                                                             $60

Purifying Back Treatment 45 min                                         $75

Dermaplaning                                                                      $75

SkinCeuticals Micropeels (glycolic, lactic, salicylic)              $150

OBAGI Original Blue Peel                                                    $400

OBAGI Radiance Blue Peel                                                 $125

VI Peel Original & Advanced                                                $250

VI Peel Precision Plus & Purify Precision Plus                     $300


Chemical Peels

Light Superficial chemical peels are used to refresh and revitalize the skin by reducing visible signs of aging from sun damage. Light chemical peels can also be used to decrease the prominence of acne scarring and breakouts, decrease large pore size, and to even out skin tone and texture.

Medium depth chemical peels are used for many different skin issues. Pretreatment is recommended for the OBAGI Blue peel. The Obagi Blue peel can be tailored to the patients needs by the provider. This peel must be administered by a midlevel provider or physician. This peel can be utilized to decrease fine lines, wrinkles, superficial blemishes, and hyperpigmentation issues.

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